Skytyping is the ultimate form of aerial advertising that can reach millions of people in a just few seconds. Skytyping is a major upgrade over traditional single plane skywriting. Five airplanes fly next to each other which have their smoke system linked by a computer and releases smoke dots that can create large complex messages in the sky. These smoke dots are printed in a dot matrix style reminiscent of old dot matrix printers.

Skytyping may be more expensive than regular skywriting because there are five planes used instead of one, but it's a far more accurate form of aerial advertising. Your message is printed out much faster and it will captivate the eyes of the people below as the message is printed out. The amount of characters in a skytyping message are unlimited but we recommend less than 25.

Your Message in Half Mile Long Letters

The planes skytyping typically fly between 10,000 and 15,000 feet in the air while they print out your message. Not only does this allow them to create letters over a half mile long, but the sky messages can be seen by millions of people. These messages can last several minutes in the sky depending on the wind conditions. When the sky is clear, your skytyping message will be very impressive.

If you are looking to make a splash with your aerial advertising, contact us for pricing on skytyping!