Sky Banners

Sky banners are the most reliable form of aerial advertising. Our sky banners are towed by our large network of planes across America whether the sky is cloudy or a light rain. Airplane banner advertising with sky banners are more cost effective than other forms of aerial advertising and are great for repeat events, such as flying every weekend or daily. Sky banners include aerial billboards, sky letter banners and combo aerial billboards which include a logo banner combined with a sky letter banner with your message.

Aerial Messages can reach targeted areas very quickly. Our sky banners are always readable and can be seen from miles away. Aerial billboards can reach more people than other common forms of advertising while other forms of outdoor advertising usually can’t reach people while at the beach, concerts, during traffic, sporting events or any large outdoor event. The aerial advertising banners are towed behind a plane at a low altitude where the noise of the plane can compel the crowd to look up.

Airplane Advertising is Proven to Work

Having your advertising banner in the skies is prestigious and really sets your business apart from normal forms of advertising. It's a strong statement knowing that your brand is being seen in the sky over thousands of potential customers. Aerial advertising is a little more costly than traditional advertising but the return is much better. When a message is well taught and flown over the right audience the return varies between 10% and 60%. If you compare that to a Mailer or a mass email where the return is .01 to .1%.