Sky Banners

Sky banners include custom aerial billboards, letter banners and combo aerial billboards which combines an aerial billboard with a letter banner. If you are looking for something a little bigger, we also have monster letter banners with larger letters. With a sky banner, your business will make a strong statement with one of the most reliable forms of aerial advertising.

Aerial Billboards

Custom aerial billboards are the ultimate branding tool for businesses. They are great for all different kinds of outdoor events including sports, parades, and flying over beaches and traffic.

Sky Letter Banners

Are you looking for quick, flexible and cost effective aerial advertising? Than letter banners, a non-permanent form of advertising, are exactly what you and your business are looking for.

Combo Aerial Billboards

Combo aerial billboards are great for branding and are flexible enough to still be able to advertise your message. The message can be updated every flight while your target audience still sees your brand.

Monster Letter Plane Banners

While our normal letter banners have letters that are five or seven feet tall, the monster letter banners have massive 12 foot tall letters. With their larger letters, your advertising message can be read up to three miles away.


Skytyping is a major upgrade over skywriting. Five planes print out your aerial advertising message with a computer controlled smoke system and create half mile long letters in the sky that will captivate the audience below.


Airships are large, slow moving aerial billboards perfect for corporations. Each blimp is custom designed and designated for one company which causes their production cost to be higher than other aerial advertising methods, but airships can get flying waivers over large outdoor sporting events while a plane towing sky banners can't. That alone makes them valuable.