Monster Letter Banners & Aerial Banner

Monster letter banners are great for businesses that want to make an impact but don’t have the money or the time to buy a full blown billboard. Because of their 12 feet tall letters, these airplane banners can be read up to three miles away making them the perfect banner to fly when wanting to reach places that would otherwise be out of bounds for regular plane banners.

Some areas of the skies are restricted to aviation. For example, there is a two mile radius of restricted flying area around Magic Kingdom. When flying the monster letter banner at the edge of the restricted airspace, people in the park can still easily read the banner. Another great use for these are aerial banner advertising around sporting events. Most sporting events have a temporary flight restriction during the game that starts one hour before the game and ends one hour after the game is over. The dimension of those restriction are always the same: two mile radius around and 3000 feet above. Our monster letter banners are very clean and the 12 feet high letters are easily readable at that altitude.

At 30 character including spaces max, they are not free ($25 per character) for us to produce. They are still cheaper to produce than combo billboards or our custom aerial billboards. They take us about four hours to put together, so like our sky letter banners, they are great for last minute flights. Monster letter banners are the best and easiest banner to read that we have to offer for your aerial advertising needs. These banners can reach audiences even further than any other banners we offer or any other form of traditional advertising