Custom Airplane Banner Towing

Custom aerial billboards are the luxury item of the airplane banner towing and aerial advertising industry. While the aerial billboard's cost of production is higher than any other aerial advertising banner, the return is also higher due to their enormous size. At Aerial Messages, we fully customize what you want and display it on a large surface for everyone to see. The billboards can make your company look important and adds prestige to any advertising campaign.

The larger size of the aerial billboards allow for larger print which means you will usually see our aerial billboards flying over the middle of the city at a higher mandatory altitude. We can also fly over many outdoor events including outdoor sporting events, parades, beaches and just about anywhere your target audience is. The billboards are printed out according to your specifications and therefore can't be changed later.

Billboards are the ultimate branding tool. Billboards are usually associated with longer advertising campaigns. Corporations, law firms and establish restaurants that know what special works for them usually use billboards. At Aerial Messages we always try to keep billboards cost effective and do everything we can to design them so they are readable from very far away while maximizing space and keeping the customer budget in mind. In general the bigger the billboard the bigger the results. We have recently started flying the beach with bigger billboards and have noticed some increased results for those customers using bigger billboards.